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SMS Marketing Dubai

SMS Marketing services Dubai

In the age of the internet we do not underestimate anything. Our modernized approach to traditional SMS direct marketing will reach target customers at affordable prices. With a short text we can increase engagement, generate leads and grow businesses.

Our services cater to every unique business need. Our SMS Marketing Dubai team of experts will identify and target ideal customers, develop a customized campaign and ensure that your customers are engaging with your business.

We also offer detailed analytics so that you can track the success of your campaigns, optimize them for the best results, and measure your ROI.
Global SMS Platform
Get connected with your customers from anywhere in the world with our advanced Global SMS Platform. Our platform provides an easy-to-use interface for sending and receiving messages to and from your customers, no matter where they are.
2-Way SMS System
With our two-way SMS system, you can communicate quickly and easily with your clients via text message. Send out notifications or questions and receive answers back in real time - all without ever needing to pick up the phone!
SMS Marketing
Reach out to potential customers with the power of SMS marketing. Our platform allows you to send promotional messages directly to their phones, increasing your chances of a successful conversion into sales.
Data Management and Implementation
We provide reliable data management and implementation services that help you get the most out of your business’s information. From organizing customer contact details to designing complex data systems, we have you covered.


1. What is an SMS direct marketing strategy?

SMS Marketing is a powerful tool that can be used to increase customer engagement, build relationships and generate more leads. A single text message can be used to promote offers or even remind customers of an appointment. It opens a personal, two-way conversation between you and your customers. 

To create an SMS marketing strategy, you need to first consider how you’ll use text messages to reach your target audience. If your business needs to send timely reminders and notifications, or have personal conversations to engage customers then SMS Direct Marketing is probably for you. If your business creates an omni-channel buying experience for customers, then SMS is the fastest and most direct way to network and stay updated. 

SMS direct marketing works best when it is integrated into the rest of your marketing plan, where it can be backed up by a credible landing page or email newsletters. 

A part of a good SMS direct marketing strategy is honor appropriate sending time, receiving consent of the contact and an easy to unsubscribe option.

2. What are the types of SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is a popular way to reach customers because it is fast, efficient, and personal. 

When a business sends out a mass text message at once to many contacts it’s called broadcasting SMS. While it can be useful for announcements or general information, it isn’t very targeted. 

Promotional SMS aim to promote a product or service, generally through discounts or special offers, to existing or potential customers. 

Transactional SMS are response messages sent to remind customers of an action taken by them, such as confirming a purchase or appointment. These messages can be automated and triggered by specific events on your website or otherwise. Businesses can also use personalized SMS customized for individual recipients with their name, purchase details or other information that makes the message more relevant to them.

3. Does SMS marketing really work?

SMS marketing generally sees a lot more click-through rates because they are personalized and direct to the point. However, since these are private numbers they have to be acquired through responsible ways, for example at the time of purchase, or through a subscription form. 

Much of the success depends on tracking the performance and reviewing the strategy when needed. Businesses should create unique offers to see click through rates and tweak offers according to the data. SMS direct marketing should offer immediate value. So including deals with a limited time period can also incentivize click throughs. 

Since many users visit websites from their phones, sharing information or brand updates via SMS marketing is a good way to grow traction for business online.

4. How to do SMS advertising?

SMS marketing integrated along with other forms of marketing is a powerful tool for businesses operating in omnichannel models. Here are a few tips on how you can fit SMS into your strategy

SMS advertising can be very effective if you know who you want to target. Demographic details such as age, gender, location, previous interactions, etc. help pin down your target audience for each message. You can begin creating a list of contacts by requesting users to opt-in during the buying process. 

Your SMS ad should have a clear and concise message that will grab the attention of your target audience. Remember that people are more likely to respond to ads that offer something of value, so make sure your offer is compelling.

Encourage people to act with easy to understand and short keyword phrases. Ensure that any form or landing page is designed and responsive for a mobile experience too.

And finally, test your SMS marketing campaign before you launch it and after going live.


3. Which is the best SMS Marketing Agency in Dubai?

The best SMS marketing agency in Dubai will first and foremost properly define an audience and then set up and execute a campaign. A good agency is responsive to the results of a campaign and makes alterations as needed, and can also save you a lot of money.

When signing up with an agency, browse through their work portfolio to get a glimpse of their working style and success stories. Different agencies will quote different prices for SMS direct marketing based on the business requirement. Be sure to get quotes from several agencies before making a decision.