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Programmatic Ad Campaigns Dubai

Programmatic Ad Campaigns services in Dubai

When we say target the right users with an ad, what we’re really saying is let’s demonstrate how automated, programmatic advertising does it. The digital landscape is ever so busy and vast that knowing when and where to display ads is hard work, and makes all the difference. Luckily, the algorithm does the job in a few milliseconds, and all it takes is a few smart inputs.

The biggest advantage of programmatic advertising is it optimizes ad spend by displaying your ad to the best-fit customer who finds your content relevant. With the latest programmatic advertising platforms, we gather data on customer behavior and place ads in the most relevant place and time for users. The process is more accurate and cost-effective compared to traditional methods, where advertisers have to network with website owners and ask for space.
Campaign Planning
Easily plan and launch your next successful campaign! With our expertise in market research, analytics, and strategy building, we can develop a customized plan that will maximize reach and engagement.
Automated Buying
Streamline the buying process with automated purchasing. Our algorithmically-driven system quickly finds the best deals for your needs, allowing you to save both time and money.
Ad Placement & Optimization
Get more out of your advertising budget with our ad placement & optimization services. We'll help you choose the right platform to meet your goals while ensuring maximum visibility for every ad placement.
Budget Management
Keep track of your spending with our intuitive budget management tools. We make it easy to monitor campaigns and adjust budgets as needed to get the most out of every marketing effort.
Track and Analyze Data
Monitor performance in real-time and analyse trends across multiple platforms with our comprehensive tracking solution. Gain insight into key metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions - all in one place!


1. How do you use Snapchat for marketing?

Programmatic advertising uses intelligent, automated buying and placement of ads using demand-side and supply-side platforms. When a business launches a campaign, the algorithm on a demand-side platform scopes for an audience the business can engage with, based on demand for the product. On the supply side, publishers or website owners sell space on their website to advertisers who want to display ads to visitors. This integrated system is automated, computing volumes of data to ensure ads are being seen by people most likely to be interested in them. 

Targeting the audience precisely and driving conversions are one of many advantages of programmatic advertising. Advertisers can target their ads to specific audiences based on factors such as demographics, interests, and behaviors, allowing for efficient use of advertising budgets and better results for advertisers.

2. What are 4 main features of programmatic advertising?

An auto-dealer’s ad should reach people who are in the market to buy a new car. With programmatic advertising, ads that are specifically about cars can be automated to reach them. You can target the audience based on what kind of car they’re interested in, what kind of features they’re looking for, and what their budget is. 

On the other hand, if a person visits a website who is not looking for a car, he will not see your ad because the algorithm has understood it would be irrelevant and an unnecessary spend on your budget to display that ad. 

Programmatic advertising is more effective than traditional ad buying as it reaches the target audience with your message at the right time. It also saves time and money on ads that are irrelevant to some users.

3. How is Snapchat used for advertising?

Although the process of programmatic advertising may seem long, the automation makes it happen in a few milliseconds. This is the greatest advantage of programmatic advertising, that it replaces the human factor in searching and negotiating for an ad space. 

  • Demand Side Marketing Platform (DMP) supplies the demand side platform with data about the audience so advertisers can define their reach;
  • Demand Side Platform is used by advertisers to analyze data on customer behavior and match it with the goal of the ad. When the target audience is appropriate, advertisers bid for a space on websites that are there within the ad exchange;
  • Supply Side Platform is where publishers sell ad space on their websites, otherwise known as ‘inventory’ in programmatic advertising jargon to advertisers;
  • Ad Exchange is an autonomous virtual space where advertisers and publishers can meet and facilitate real time auctions and bidding of inventory.
4. Is Google Ads programmatic advertising?

Yes, Google Ads is a type of programmatic advertising in the sense that it is automated and has similar methods of targeting the audience. Google Ads displays advertisements on websites that are connected to Google’s Display Network such as Youtube, blogs and other connected Google products. Programmatic advertising is much broader as it displays ads on the GDN as well as other ad exchanges like AppNexus and Rubicon.

4. Programmatic vs display advertising which is the best ?

Programmatic advertising is the method in which advertisers purchase space to display their ads. Display ads are what go into programmatic ad campaigns and can be in any format i.e image, video, GIF, etc.